VisaMetric focuses on providing Diplomatic Missions with high-quality non-discretionary support services related to Visa applications and other areas (such as Consular Services).

VisaMetric ("Visametric Vize Hiz. ve Dan. Dış Tic. A.S.", registered in Türkiye) is a joint-venture between iDATA ("iDATA Danışmanlık Ve Hizmet Diş Tic. A.Ş", a legal entity registered in Türkiye) and VMS ("VMS Investments", a legal entity registered in the UAE). iDATA and VMS are controlled by Italian and Australian citizens.

VisaMetric Group has processed to date over 10,000,000 visa applications for the following Governments: Republic of Italy, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Korea, Republic of Malta*, Republic of Portugal*, Republic of Slovenia*, Kingdom of Belgium*, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg*, Kingdom of the Netherlands*, Republic of Austria*, Kingdom of Sweden*, Republic of Greece*, Kingdom of Norway*, Republic of France*, Kingdom of Spain*, Republic of Finland*, Republic of Latvia* (*through selected Italian and/or German Diplomatic Missions).

VisaMetric has operations in 16 countries.