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VIP service

Applicants who wish to submit documents in a more comfortable environment can use our VIP service. The application can be submitted at one of the offices that provide this service.

Biometric photo

You can have the required biometric photos taken in the VisaMetric application centers, according to the rules of the relevant Diplomatic Representation.

Application form filling

Based on the documents you provide, a VisaMetric employee will fill out and print out a visa application for you.


On the day of submission of documents at the Visa Application Center, you can arrange for the delivery of a reviewed passport to the specified address. The cost of delivery is calculated individually when submitting documents and depends on the delivery address.

Photocopies and print-outs

On the day of submission of documents for a visa, you can make the necessary copies and print the missing documents from the Visa Application Center e-mail.

Due to security reasons access to personal e-mails and printout from the electronic devices is prohibited.

Notification service

When submitting documents, you can opt for the passport readiness notification service. The service will be provided immediately after the documents are received at the VisaMetric branch.

  • Email notification
  • SMS notification*
  • Phone notification

* Please check the ability to receive messages from short numbers with your mobile phone operator.

You can use the additional services provided at the VisaMetric application centers during your application. Choosing such additional services does not have any influence neither on the processing nor on the final decision regarding your application.