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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

from 01.06.2023, the processing of visa applications will be completely centralized in the visa section of the Embassy Moscow. The VisaMetric Visa Application Centers in Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk will remain open, but due to the postal transit times within the country, processing times are expected to be extended.

Please note that due to the high demand, the appointment procedure for national visas will be changed throughout Russia from 01.06.2023. You can no longer book an appointment directly with the visa office or VisaMetric, but register on a waiting list in the appointment system of the Embassy. The Embassy will then assign dates for the visa application in chronological order of the entries.

The appointment for Schengen visas is still made via VisaMetric.

We remind you that the personal data in the Appointment of each of the applicants must be valid in order to be able to submit documents to the Visa Application Center.

Please note that appointment booking at the Visa Application Center is free of charge.

The VisaMetric Visa Application Center is not responsible for visa applications that are submitted to any travel agency or a third party service provider outside of the German Visa Application Center.

Please be wary of scammers who offer their paid services of booking an appointment to the Visa Application Center.

You can apply for a visa at VisaMetric office by booking an appointment on the website.

Important: If you already have an appointment for a Schengen visa at the Visa Application Center, but you want to change the date of submission of documents, please use the following link.

Before booking an appointment please note:

  • You can submit your application for a Schengen visa no earlier than 6 months before the beginning of your trip.
  • Prepare the required documents in advance and submit them on the appointed day.
  • If you already have an existing appointment, a second one cannot be booked with same details.
  • Students who are enrolled in institutions abroad and would like to submit an application for a visa to Germany can do so in the country where they are currently studying and living.

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It is possible to make the following changes to the appointment:

  • Print out the confirmation
  • Change date/time of the appointment
  • Cancel an appointment

Appointment Information

Before booking an appointment for National Visa please note:

  • To apply for a national visa, documents can be submitted no earlier than 3 months before the start of the planned trip.
  • Prepare the required documents in advance and submit them on the appointed day.
  • Check out the actual Submission / Collection rules for a National Visa.
  • Please note that in order to apply for a national visa, the personal presence of each applicant older than 12 years is required, since on the day of submission of documents, the fingerprinting procedure takes place.

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Attention! The scheduled date of submission of documents cannot be changed. In case of no-show, please make a new registration in the waiting list on the website of the German Embassy in Moscow.