Certification of copies

The procedure of certification of copies confirms the compliance of manual or automatic copies with the original (original) or certified manual or automatic copy. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that the original or a certified manual/ automatic copy must be submitted to the Embassy along with the copy.

The certification of a copy is not a confirmation of the authenticity or fidelity of the contents of the original document.

You need to find out in advance with the department / institution / higher education institution in Germany what documents you need to certify and, if the language of the documents being certified is not German or English, whether a translation is needed.

The basic information on the certification of copies can also be found by following the link.

Copies are usually certified by the German Embassy in Moscow within 15 calendar days.

At the moment, registration for the submission of documents for this service is made in Moscow and only through the call center from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 via phone +7-495-990-8979.

Consular fee for the service of certification of copies
For one copy of the document ₽ 2310 (€ 24.61)

  • For students studying at German universities and applicants for a bachelor's, master's and PhD degree without an employment contract in Germany, upon presentation of an appropriate confirmation for each case of study or applicant status (for example, an up-to-date and unambiguous electronic correspondence with the university/university), one copy (= 1 set of copies) of documents is certified free of charge.
  • In case of successful admission to classes at the university (a letter guaranteeing the provision of an educational place to the applicant), one copy (= 1 set of copies) of the documents required by the university/ university is certified free of charge.
  • For DAAD scholarship holders, the certification of the necessary sets of copies according to the confirmation is free of charge.
  • For pensioners certifying copies on the cases of the German Pension Insurance Fund (DRV) and at its request, the certification of the required sets of copies according to the DRV confirmation is free of charge.

Service fee for the service of certification of copies
Per unit of the original document ₽ 1190

The service fee can be paid in cash in rubles or by bank card in accordance with the exchange rate established by the Embassy.

Important: By order of the German Embassy in Moscow, all copies of documents for subsequent certification of copies are made by the VisaMetric service company. Copies brought with you will not be accepted.