In order to let VisaMetric Customer Relations and Quality department provide you with the required services;

  • We collect feedback and opinions from our customers.
  • All comments are sent to the person in charge of the relevant departments, and according to the requests, adjustments are made to improve the quality of our service.
  • The decision are shared with the customers who provided us with relevant feedback after the results are received and have been assessed.

The Department for Customer Satisfaction and Quality helps us improve the level of satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our service. Complaints are examined not only by this department, but also shared with the management. In order to share your opinion, suggestions and ideas with our Department for Customer Satisfaction and Quality, you can send us an e-mail using the “Propositions and appeals” ([email protected]) section of our website. You can also fill in our customer evaluation form in one of our affiliated branches, or call or request a meeting directly with a representative of the Department for Customer Satisfaction and Quality.

VisaMetric Client Survey

If you suspect a case of corruption, bribery, fraud, discrimination or privilege, please report it to VisaMetric's management. Your mails to "[email protected]" will be considered and checked by the responsible department. Please note that questions regarding your application process, processing status, document lists or cannot be considered here.