National visa (for stay over 90 days)

If you plan to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a national visa.

An application for a national visa can be submitted only by appointment.

German Visa Application Center in Moscow is only authorized to accept applications for certain categories of visas.
Please look over these categories:

  • students with admission to study at a higher educational institution, in a college of pre-university training (Studienkolleg) or in a language course as part of pre-university training;
  • Students or graduates of higher education institutions for internships within the framework of an international exchange program (§ 15 Nr. 4 BeschV) or during university studies after the 4th semester (§15 Nr. 6 BeschV):
  • language courses;
  • schooling or school exchange for more than 3 months;
  • visa for searching for a place of professional training / for applicants;
  • professional training;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • work for hire for specialists with secondary vocational or higher education;
  • employment for specialists without higher education with relevant professional work experience;
  • ICT-card;
  • work as IT-specialists with relevant professional experience;
  • work as a researcher, visiting scientist and research assistant;
  • conducting an accelerated procedure for specialists;
  • work as an artist;
  • implementation of independent business and work in liberal professions;
  • work as a truck driver and bus driver;
  • an entry visa for the purpose of recognizing a foreign professional qualification in Germany;
  • entry visa for the purpose of job search;
  • departure for work as housekeepers and nannies (Au-Pair);
  • departure for voluntary (volunteer) service;
  • the implementation of activities for predominantly religious reasons;
  • professional sportsmen and professional trainers;
  • professional training;
  • re-entry;
  • family reunification;
  • medical treatment and support.

You can find the information regarding the rules of applying for other purposes of stay on the website of German Diplomatic Mission in Russia.

Please note that in order to apply for a national visa, the personal presence of each applicant older than 12 years is required, since on the day of submission of documents, the fingerprinting procedure takes place.

Before the submission:

Submission process:

  • Reviewing of the provided documents and biometric data collection take place in one of the VisaMetric offices; applications will then be forwarded to the Diplomatic Mission.
  • Kindly note that VisaMetric is able to provide additional services.

After the submission:

  • You can track your application on our website
  • After processing the application, you can collect your passport from VisaMetric in Moscow or by courier service if this service was ordered during the submission of documents in VisaMetric.

If additional documents are requested, you can send them to the e-mail [email protected]. In the subject line of the letter write the identification number, passport number, surname, first name and date of birth of the applicant.

Please do not send any documents to the Visa Section of the Embassy on your own initiative - mainly before submitting your application. These documents cannot be stored and / or processed at the Visa Section. Please provide a complete set of all required documents at the time of submission.