Insurance Information

To submit the documents it is required to provide the Medical Insurance with the following details:

  • name and surname of person insured (according to the passport);
  • the insured period of travel (the minimum period – the period of first travel to Schengen area);
  • number of days for the insured period (the minimum number of days – number of travel days according to the tickets provided);
  • the territory insured (Worldwide or Schengen counties);
  • amount insured (€ 30.000 euro minimum).

The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased at the Visa Application Center.

  • the process will take no more than 5 minutes;
  • you can choose the amount of insurance coverage;
  • besides standard programs there are special programs suitable to extreme sports fans;
  • you can pay for the insurance policy of you choosing after the submission process at our application centers;

In order to avoid fraud, when you apply for an insurance policy outside the VisaMetric office, you should familirize yourself with the documents confirming powers of the insurance agent