National visa (for stay over 90 days)

If you plan to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a national visa.

National Visa (D type) is the type of visa which should be obtained when you want to reside in Germany for over 90 days within the validity period of the visa decided upon by the Consulates. D type visa bestows the holder residency rights.

The following applications for employment will now only be accepted by VisaMetric if the Federal Employment Agency (“Bundesanstalt für Arbeit”):

  • has issued a letter confirming pre-approval (“Vorabzustimmung”) for employment of a named individual with a named company;
  • has issued a letter confirming agreement (“Einvernehmen”) with a named student undertaking an internship with a named company;
  • has issued a letter confirming that the employment of a named individual with a named company does not require their approval (“zustimmungsfrei”);

All other types of visas require an application with the Embassy directly. However, please do not arrange for an appointment at the Embassy if you already hold a letter as indicated above.

Applications for National Visa can only be submitted in London and Edinburgh.

To apply for a National Visa please book an appointment beforehand.

Please make sure you apply with the appropriate German mission in the UK. If you reside in Scotland or certain parts of northern England you must apply at our VisaMetric office Edinburgh. If you are not sure whether to apply in London or
Edinburgh, please check the consular district map.

Who can submit the documents?

  • An applicant over 18 years of age may apply for a visa in person. Please kindly note that a third party cannot apply on behalf of the applicant.
  • In order to apply for visa through a VisaMetric visa application center you must hold a valid Residence Permit for the UK.

Who can collect the passport?

Only the applicant himself/herself in person

For collection you will need:

  • Visametric certificate and copy of the passport (issued on the submission time);
  • Receipt.
  • Please kindly note that a third party cannot collect the passport on behalf of the applicant.

How long will the documets be processed?

  • VisaMetric will transfer your documents to the Visa Office of the Embassy/Consulate. Processing time for a visa is approximately 2-4 weeks for London and Edinburgh.

National Visa Fee

0-18 years

18+ years

National Visa (more than 90 days) £ 33.10 (€ 37.5) £ 66.20 (€ 75)

VisaMetric Service Fee for National Visa

London - Edinburgh £29,00 (€32,90)

Online application form (D type Visa)

In order to accelerate the submission of documents it is highly recommended for the Online application form (Videx) to be filled, signed and printed out along with the barcode page before visiting the Visa Centre.

Leaflets for required documents

Anyone applying for the below stated categories is eligible to apply for their family members to join them in Germany also.

Please provide only a full set of documents on the appointed day.

Download the leaflet (PDF)

In order to work in Germany, you will need a residence permit before you enter.

  • If you are a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway you have the same freedom of movement as EU nationals.
  • If you are a citizen of Australia, Canada, Israel, Korea (Republic), Japan, New Zealand or the United States of America, you can apply for your residence and work permit after arriving in Germany.

Please note that unless the work permit has been issued you will not be able to work yet. If you want to start working immediately when arriving in Germany, you should apply from the country of your current residence.

Download the leaflet (PDF)

To obtain the Blue Card applicants must provide proof of qualifications and a detailed job offer or contract including annual gross earnings of at least €55,200 per annum. Approval by the Federal Employment Agency is not required.
EU Blue Card conditions still apply to highly qualified foreign nationals with a background in natural Sciences as well as medical doctors, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (SMET “Mangelberufe”), provided they have been offered the same salary as a German employee. Annual gross earnings at least €43,056 per annum apply. An approval by the Federal Employment Agency is required.

Download the leaflet (PDF)

Third country nationals (Non-EU/EEA nationals) may be granted a residence permit for a mandatory and/or sponsored placement/internship in Germany. This requires the approval (Zustimmung) of the Federal Employment Agency BA (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). This must be applied for in advance by the future employer/university.