Online application form (Videx)

Please complete an application form online via the button below and sign it. You can find userguide for VIDEX below.

After printing out the completed application form, please check all data and do not forget to sign the form in three places (section №37 and in two sections followed by it).

Due to the changes in the Visa Code you can find new application form by clicking here.

This online application form has to be printed out along with the barcode page and brought together with the set of documents on the appointed date.

In addition to the application form it is necessary to sign the Additional information form.

Kindly note, that pre-filled Application Form accelerates the submission of documents.

The VisaMetric office in United Kingdom offers a service of filling in Schengen forms. Applicants wishing to benefit from this service can have their Schengen application form completed by VisaMetric employee in one of the VisaMetric offices. VisaMetric employee will enter the data provided by the applicant in an electronic form and attach a printout of this form to the application documents. The data entered is based on the information provided by the applicant.

VisaMetric is not responsible for the completeness of the visa documents and has no influence on the decision on the application. The application centers are not responsible for the decision on the visa application. The application form filling service can only be used by applicants who apply in person at one of the application centers.

For more information regarding the Online application form (Videx) for National Visas please refer to the National Visa page.

Videx User Guide

Online application form (Videx)