Visametric will transfer your documents to the Visa Office of the Embassy/Consulate. Processing time for a visa in general is 5 working days in London and 10 working days in Edinburgh. Applicants submitting their visa application in our branch office in Manchester need to calculate 2 extra working days to their processing time as their visa application will first be sent to the VisaMetric London office, from where it is forwarded to the Diplomatic Mission in London the following working day.

Please note that the visa processing time for certain nationalities may take up to 14 days.

The new Visa Code will enter into force as from 02.02.2020.

For persons applying for a Schengen visa from that date onwards, the main changes worldwide are as follows:
• From 02.02.2020, applications can be submitted
six months before the start of the trip. Up to now, applications could be submitted a maximum of three months before the start of the trip.
• Applications should be submitted at least
15 calendar days before the start of the planned trip.
• From 02.02.2020 the fee for processing a visa application is
80 Euro or for children between 6 and 12 years 40 Euro. Visas for children under 6 years of age are free of charge

Note: Please note that the Diplomatic Mission might request you to submit missing / additional documents that may prolong the review time. You will be notified about the request by phone or e-mail, and we would recommend that you check it regularly.

We kindly ask you to submit your application in advance as the processing time for each application depends on the Diplomatic Mission. The decision to approve or refuse a visa is entirely up to the Diplomatic Mission.

Applicants also need to be aware that, especially during busy season around Easter, Summer holidays and Christmas, the appointments are being booked in advance as the Mission only processes a fixed amount of visa applications on a daily basis.

Furthermore applicants need to consider that VisaMetric’s/Diplomatic Mission’s official holidays may extend the visa application processing time.