On this page you will find the list of documents necessary for submission depending on the purpose of your trip.



Please provide only a full set of documents on the appointed day.

Due to the changes in the Visa Code you can find new application form by clicking here.

In order to accelerate the submission of documents it is highly recommended for the Online application form (Videx) to be filled, signed and printed out along with the barcode page before visiting the Visa Centre.

Download the leaflet (PDF)


If visiting family or friends living in Germany is the main purpose of your trip, you should apply for a Visit Visa.


Download the leaflet (PDF)


If tourism is the main purpose of your trip, than you should apply for a Tourist Visa.


Download the leaflet (PDF)


A recent signed official invitation letter in PDF, on official company letterhead from business partner in Germany confirming the kind of business relations, travel purpose, duration of business trip(s) and if applicable, a confirmation to cover travel expenses and costs of stay occurring

If presenting at a conference, invitation letter should indicate this also.

When attending a trade fair invitation requirement is waived but trade fair entry ticket is mandatory along with confirmed hotel booking.


Download the leaflet (PDF)


EEA/EU and Swiss nationals family members are able to apply for a Schengen visa as EEA/EU and Swiss national family member, meaning that they can submit fewer documents and are exempt from paying the visa fee, while traveling with their EEA/EU or Swiss national family member.

Visa application exemption for certain EEA/EU and Swiss national family members:

  • Spouse;
  • Parent(s) (only if child is under 18 years old or elderly parent is living together with his/her EEU/EA or Swiss national child (stepparents included);
  • Children (stepchildren included);
  • Civil partner

Proof of relation to EEA/EU or Swiss national is required (for example: marriage/birth certificate, CPC civil partnership certificate).

Family members of EEA/EU or Swiss nationals holding a valid UK Residence permit as demonstrated below, do not need a Schengen visa to enter Germany/Schengen Area, only if the following 2 conditions are fulfilled:

  • they are travelling with/joining the EEA/EU or Swiss national family member in Germany/Schengen Area
  • their UK Residence permit looks like one of these:

    • Residence Card of a Family Member of an EEA National (endorsed in passport)   Example
    • Permanent Residence Card (endorsed in passport)  Example
    • Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen (biometrics card)  Example 1 / Example 2

Kindly note, that applicants who travel without his/her EEA/EU or Swiss national family member need to apply for a Tourist visa.


Download the leaflet (PDF)


Application of a minor MUST include the following documents:

  •  Child’s birth certificate showing both biological parents;
  •  Signed and dated consent from both parents;
  •  Copy of both parents passport’s Bio page with signature
  •  Court order confirming the sole custody over a minor in case when the parents are divorced.
  •  Death certificate in case if one of the parents has deceased.
  •  Guardianship letter and the guardian’s passport’s Bio page with signature if a guardian has been appointed by the parents.



For more information about Airport transit, please click here.

If you need a visa check for your trip, click here. Please note that this is an external link. Visametric has no influence on the information on this website and cannot assume any liability for the content and accuracy of the information provided.



Submitting counterfeited or false documents, as well as providing false information, can lead to the rejection of your application and possibly to an entry ban to Germany (and thus also to all the other Schengen area member states)!

We strongly recommend to submit a complete set of documents as per the list of required documents.

Diplomatic Missions reserves the right to request further documents in individual cases.

Provide only a full set of documents on the appointed day.

For faster processing time it is highly recommended to fill in the Application Form beforehand.

Please sort your documents according to the order given in the leaflet and hand them in at the counter without covers and without staples. 

Every applicant, including children/infants, has to submit his/her Schengen visa application in person and by appointment only on their appointment date, which needs to be Booked online by the applicant.

For Non EU citizens who are not sure whether a Schengen visa is required to travel to the Schengen Area, please click Do you need a visa for Germany? to find out.

Pleasy clarify the appropriate submission office in accordance with Administrative districts of German Embassy in London and Consulate General in Edinburgh.

Online application form (Videx)

Please complete an application form online via the button below and sign it. You can find userguide for VIDEX below.

After printing out the completed application form, please check all data and do not forget to sign the form in three places (section №37 and in two sections followed by it).

Due to the changes in the Visa Code you can find new application form by clicking here.

This online application form has to be printed out along with the barcode page and brought together with the set of documents on the appointed date.

In addition to the application form it is necessary to sign the Additional information form.

Kindly note, that pre-filled Application Form accelerates the submission of documents.

The VisaMetric office in United Kingdom offers a service of filling in Schengen forms. Applicants wishing to benefit from this service can have their Schengen application form completed by VisaMetric employee in one of the VisaMetric offices. VisaMetric employee will enter the data provided by the applicant in an electronic form and attach a printout of this form to the application documents. The data entered is based on the information provided by the applicant.

VisaMetric is not responsible for the completeness of the visa documents and has no influence on the decision on the application. The application centers are not responsible for the decision on the visa application. The application form filling service can only be used by applicants who apply in person at one of the application centers.

For more information regarding the Online application form (Videx) for National Visas please refer to the National Visa page.

Videx User Guide

Online application form (Videx)

Visa fee and VisaMetric service fee

  • The visa fee can be paid in cash (GBP) or with a credit/debit card and the final amount will be calculated according to the exchange rate provided by the Embassy/Consulate.
  • VisaMetric service fee (inclusive of VAT) is charged per visa application, in addition to the applicable visa fee. The VisaMetric service fee can be paid in cash (GBP) or with a credit/debit card. Please note that the final amount will be calculated according to the exchange rate provided by the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Applicants who choose the VIP service are required to pay the Visa fee and the VisaMetric service fee as well.
  • All fees are non-refundable.

The following groups of applicant are exempt from the payment of the visa fee, upon presentation of proof of their status:

  • Children under six years of age;
  • School pupils, students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips as well as researchers (when travelling for research purpose only) will be exempt from the visa fee by all Schengen states regardless of their nationality;
  • Spouses/children/parents of EU/EEA/EFTA nationals that are eligible for a EU-family member visa are exempt from the visa fee.

Please note: In our offices, payment is only accepted in GBP (according to the exchange rate provided by the Embassy/Consulate).

For information regarding National Visa Fees please refer to the National Visa page.

Visa Fee

6-12 years

12+ years

Schengen visa (up to 90 days) £ 35,30 (€ 40) £ 70,60 (€ 80)
Nationals of countries with a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Georgia, Cape Verde, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine) £ 30,90 (€ 35) £ 30,90 (€ 35)

VisaMetric Service Fee
London £26,40 (€29,90)
Manchester £10,10 (€11,40)
Edinburgh £26,40 (€29,90)

Additional Services
Manchester London & Edinburgh
VIP service £ 48,50 per person £ 70,60 per person
Passport delivery £ 15 per passport £ 15 per passport
Insurance according to the chosen policy
Biometric photo £ 3,70 (€ 4.1) per one set of photos £ 3,70 (€ 4.1) per one set of photos
Photocopies, print-outs £ 0,30 (€ 0.3) per page £ 0,30 (€ 0.3) per page
Form filling service £ 3,70 (€ 4.1) per app. form £ 3,70 (€ 4.1) per app. form
SMS-notification £ 1,90 (€ 2.1) per SMS £ 1,90 (€ 2.1) per SMS
Telephone Call-notification £ 0,90 (€ 1) per call £ 0,90 (€ 1) per call


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