If you want to object to the refusal, you can do so within one month of the announcement of the rejection decision at the respective foreign representation (so-called Remonstration). If another person is to remonstrate for you, you must issue her a power of attorney. The remonstration must be in writing or by fax or in person at the embassy. The handwritten signature of the remonstrator / representative does not necessarily have to be in the original on the remonstration letter may be scanned / copied. Remonstrative applications received by e-mail can not be considered.

What information must the remonstration letter contain?

Please always include the processing number (the last 6 digits of the business sign indicated in the rejection letter) in your letter.

Please provide all the contact details on which you can be contacted for further inquiries (telephone number including area code, mobile phone number, fax number, e-mail address, full postal address)

Explanation of purpose: In the remonstration you can (again) explain the purpose for which you apply for a visa and submit additional documents.

To avoid unnecessary extra work:

  • Please send your remonstation to the Visa section only once
  • Please do not resend documents that you have already submitted
  • Please wait for the call or letter from the diplomatic mission