Here you will find detailed information about the working hours and the addresses of the offices.


In order to enable you to make your application at our VisaMetric office, you have to make an appointment at our VisaMetric web page. The extra services which we offer at our office are the VIP service, translation of the documents, biometric photo shoot, application form filling service, passport delivery by cargo, notification service (sms, e-mail, phone), translation of the documents, taking photocopy and fax operations. For more information regarding the prices of these extra services, you can visit the page ''Additional Services''.

Telephone 00 98 21 88 70 03 43


Address Shiraz Building 1st Floor, No 137, Cross 21st Street, Khaled Islambouli, 15139, Tehran Post code : 1513933134

Submission of documents 08:00 - 16:30

Collection 08:00 - 17:00