VIP service

(75 € per person)

If you would like a more comfortable environment and exclusive service when submitting your application, you can take advantage of the VIP service in our VisaMetric branches. More...

Biometric photo

(8 € per person)

You can have the necessary biometric photos taken in the VisaMetric branches ensuring compliance with specifications defined by the diplomatic mission.

Fill in the application form

(10 € per person)

In the VisaMetric branches, our employees can support you by filling application forms for you.

Passport by courier service

( 9 € per person)

You can register for the courier service during the application process at the VisaMetric branch. Once your application has been processed and your passport is returned to the branch, your passport will be sent to the address you provided. Please make sure that the data is correct. You can check the delivery status of your passport on the website of the Courier company.

Photocopy, fax and printing service

(30 cents per page)

You can take advantage of additional services such as photocopy, fax and print in the VisaMetric branches.

Notification service

Once the passport you submitted at the time of application has arrived at the VisaMetric office, you will be notified by one of the following options.

  • SMS (€ 1 per SMS)
  • Email (Free of charge)
  • Phone (€ 3 per call)

If your phone number is blocked for SMS advertising , you cannot use this service.

Travel health insurance

In order to apply for a visa, you need a travel health insurance for the Schengen countries. The minimum cover must be 30,000 euros. In some cases insurance cover with a larger coverage may be required. The travel health insurance can be purchased in the VisaMetric branches. More...

You can make use of the additional services of the VisaMetric branches for your visa application. The use of additional services does not influence the decision-making and visa issuance process.