Please note that for Schengen and National visa application, this opportunity has been provided for your documents to be received and examined without being physically present at VisaMetric office.

By taking advantages of this services , it is possible for applicants to send their documents through courier to Visa Metric’s address.

Fees are mentioned as follows:

  • Embassy’s service fee for Schengen visa application : 80 Euros
  • Embassy’s service fee for National visa application : 75 Euros
  • VisaMetric service fee : 29.4 Euros ) For every type of visa application )

Additional Services are as follows:

* Post services : free
* SMS notification services : free
* Photocopy / Printing services : free

Other services such as biometric photos, insurance, filling out application forms, etc. will be accepted in Rial or Euro based on the website and according to your case's needs on the day of the appointment.