Embassy of Italy Tehran

Legalisation of documents issued by public bodies of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Documents issued by Iranian public institutions in order to be acquired by Italian Administrations must be legalized by this Office.

The signature and stamp of the official who produced the document and the signature and stamp of the sworn translator shall be authenticated.

Legalisable documents are produced by Iranian public bodies in Farsi, duly translated into Italian by a sworn translator (official) with the stamp and signature of the official of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the official of the Iranian Ministry of Justice.

Documents issued by private institutions, self-certifications, documents made in Italy and documents translated into English are not accepted. In addition, documents issued by Iranian Representations abroad or issued at Embassies outside Europe (e. g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. ) are not legalized.

The validity period of the document to be legalized is six months from the issue by the Iranian authorities, after which the user will have to present a new document.

The total consular fee is 48 Euro (24 Euro for the legalization of the signature of the official who issued the document and 24 Euro for the signature of the sworn translator).

The Criminal Certificate is issued by two different bodies: a) by the Interpol Office in English (the total fee is 44 Euro, 24 Euro for the legalization of the signature of the Director General and 20 Euro for the translation into Italian made directly by the Consular Office): b) by the Ministry of Justice with a total fee of 48 Euro.

Study documents (diploma/pre-university year/degree, master's degree/master's degree/doctorate/credits) aimed at issuing the Declaration of Value for WORK must be charged the fee of 48 Euro (foreign document + translation),

For STUDIO the legalization of the documents and the related DoV is free of charge (you must present the letter of the Italian University).

Shenasnameh ( Birth Certificate, I.C., Civil Status) 48 14,4
Marriage Certicate 48 14,4
Death Certificate 48 14,4
Divorce Certificate 48 14,4
Criminal Record Ministry of Justice 48 14,4
Police Clearance Certificate Interpol Tehran (*) 44 13,2
Notary Power of Attorney 48 14,4
Notary Proxy 48 14,4
Child Travel Consent 48 14,4
Ownership Document 48 14,4
Social Assistance 48 14,4
Documents Stady for work 48 14,4
Declaration of Value for Work 41 12,3
Documents to Study in Italy (**) 0 0
Declaration of Value for study 0 0
Other documents yussed by Iranian Pubblic Admistrations (***) 48 14,4

(*) Only the foreign document has to be acquired.

(**) High School Diploma, Pre-University Year, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate. Grades. To be submitted letter from the University.

(***) Refers to documents other than those mentioned (medical certificates, other).