Visa Fee and VisaMetric Service Fee

Please note that the appointment can be canceled up to 7 days(168 hours) in advance. You can change this once free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment. Please plan accordingly so as not to lose your appointment.

  • Visa Fee: Visa fees are collected on behalf of the embassy and forwarded to them to process your visa application.
  • Service Fee: The service fee is charged by VisaMetric for accepting your visa application. The service fee charged by VisaMetric for each visa application is €30.
  • Important Note: Payment of the visa fee and the service fee does not guarantee the issuance of a visa. The visa fee and service fee will not be refunded or transferred once the visa application has been forwarded to the embassy, or if the visa is refused or the procedure is dropped by the applicant.

Visa fee is paid only cash in Euro.

Visa fees (cash in €) 0 - 6 Years 6 - 12 Years 12+ Years
For Kosovo citizens 0 € 35€ 35 €
For citizens of other countries 0 € 40 € 80 €
* Others 0 € 35€ 35 €

*Others: Citizens of Albania, Azerbaijan Armenia, Bosnia, Georgia, Cape Verde, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine

VisaMetric Service Fee
30 €

Additional Services VisaMetric Fees
VIP Services € 80
Prime Time € 60
Passport delivery € 30
Biometric photo € 5.5
Photocopies, print-outs € 0.5 per page
Form filling € 20
Completion of Documents
€ 15