Holiday calendar 2023

Public holiday regulations for 2023, on which the VisaMetric branch and the diplomatic mission are closed.

We would like to inform you that the closed days of the VisaMetric branches may vary according to the calendar of the Consulate of Germany.

Feiertagskalender 2023

German Embassy VisaMetric Kosovo
01.01.2023 Sunday New Year Closed Closed
02.01.2023 Monday Day off for New Years Open Closed
07.01.2023 Saturday Orthodox Christmas Closed Closed
17.02.2023 Friday Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo Closed Closed
08.03.2023 Wednesday Womens Day Closed Closed
07.04.2023 Friday Good Friday Closed Closed
09.04.2023 Sunday Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo / Easter Sunday Closed Closed
10.04.2023 Monday Day off for Constitution Day of the Republic of Kosovo/Easter Monday Closed Closed
16.04.2023 Sunday Orthodox Easter Sunday Closed Closed
17.04.2023 Monday Orthodox Easter Monday Open Closed
21.04.2023 Friday Ramadan Festival Closed Closed
22.04.2023 Saturday Ramadan Festival Closed Closed
01.05.2023 Monday Labour Day Closed Closed
09.05.2023 Tuesday Europe Day Open Closed
18.05.2023 Thursday Ascension of Christ Closed Closed
29.05.2023 Monday White Monday Closed Closed
28.06.2023 Wednesday Festival of Sacrifice Closed Closed
03.10.2023 Tuesday The Day of German Unification Closed Closed
24.12.2023 Sunday Christmas Eve Closed Closed
25.12.2023 Monday Christmas Closed Closed
26.12.2023 Tuesday Christmas Closed Closed
31.12.2023 Sunday New Year Closed Closed