Mobile Service

1. Mobil Service:
*Request without going to the visa center
*Free shipping of documents by cargo
*Detection of fingerprints at the address
*Passport delivery with free shipping

To take advantage of our mobile services, you can create your appointment request here.
The cost of the mobile service is 190 euros. All extra services, except Visametric advice and travel health insurance, are included in the rate

You can check the documents required for the Schengen visa application for Italy here.

2. After sending the complete application documents and payment, you will be given an appointment day for the collection of biometric data (fingerprint acquisition) which will be carried out by our Mobile Team.

3. The Visametric Mobile team will collect biometric data (fingerprints) at the date and time of the appointment for the mobile service.

- 1 biometric photograph must be with you when you go to the appointment for fingerprints.

Things to keep in mind;
1. The application must be submitted well in advance of the date of travel, taking into account the consular procedures for issuing a visa.
2. It is recommended that the application documents be complete so that missing documents and information do not prolong the processing time. In particular, the documents originally requested by the Consulate must be submitted in full.
3. You need to sign the instruction form for courier/cargo and the form for missing documents and send them together with the documents.
4. When the application is ready, call the Mobile Call Centre on 00 98 21 88 70 70 03 43 to receive instructions on the courier.

4. The passport will be sent free of charge to the requested address after the decision of the Embassy/Consulate General regarding the visa.

- For visa applications submitted in full, the processing period begins after the application documents have been submitted to the visa department of foreign representative offices through the Visametric office. You can check the current processing times on the Embassy/Consulate and Visametric websites.
- The processing time and the decision on the application are the exclusive responsibility of the Embassies/Consulates. Especially before the official holidays in Iran and Italy, processing times can be extended due to the intensity of the visa departments of foreign missions. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible.