Premium Lounge

If you want a more comfortable environment and exclusive service at the time of application, you can take advantage of the Premium Lounge service at VisaMetric offices.
To submit your request, you can book an appointment via our online appointment system. You can find the costs here.

Additional services for Premium Lounge applicants at VisaMetric Office,

  • Photocopy and fax (Free)
  • SMS (Free)
  • E-Mail (Free)
  • Telephone (3 euro)
  • Biometric photo (Free)
  • Passport by courier service (10.90 euro per person)
  • International travel health insurance (payment will be made in Rials and the final amount will be calculated according to the daily exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the time the insurance is issued).

Note: Besides the visa application fee, an amount of 80 € should be paid for using this service.

Please note that the choice of our Premium Lounge service will not affect the decision-making process of the Embassy /Consulates.